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Avoiding Malaria is best summed up in a simple ABCD approach:

A Awareness of risk

B Bite prevention

C Chemoprophylaxis (malaria prevention tablets)

D Prompt 

Diagnosis (early sickness assessment and treatment)

We offer guidance by using the MASTA area specific maps to look at your risk of Malaria. Location, season and altitude all affect your exposure to mosquitoes.

We have a wide range of bite prevention measures and prevention tablets on offer and will recommend the appropriate malaria prevention tablets based on your requirement and costs.

A full list of Malaria prevention tablets and their costs can be found on the MASTA website. Please note we only charge a consultation fee in situations were no tablets/vaccinations are required.




This mosquito feeding on a human arm is a vector of malaria, mosquito control is one way of reducing the possiblity of getting malaria.

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