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  • The Seasonal Influenza Programme 2020/2021

    Posted: 01.10.2020 | Author: Mr Mark Simpson

    Due to the current Covid 19 Pandemic, we are having to immunise our patients differently this year to previous years.  We hope you understand, this is to protect our patients, staff and the family members of our team.  This will be through effective social distancing, wearing masks, cleaning hands and not attending the practice if you have ANY symptoms of Covid 19.  As a result of this the process will be slower as we are unable to see the same volumes of patients in anyone day.

    Vaccines are going to be prioritised, initially via a letter with an invite date and time to attend the practice.  These will be held on Saturdays and weekdays throughout October, November and December 2020.  The invitations have already been issued to patients who are over 65, who have respiratory or heart conditions, pregnant ladies and patients with Multiple Sclerosis.   Other groups to follow shortly will include Immuno Suppressed, Patients prescribed High Risk Drugs, Neurological Conditions, Carers and Diabetes with other conditions to follow in a phased approach. Please do not ring us to ask for the vaccine prior to an invitation being issued unless advised by a medical practitioner  eg you may be having an upcoming operation shortly.

    We strongly advise you to attend these clinics as routine appointments will not available for many weeks to follow up on these.  Patients who are housebound or in residential care homes will be offered the vaccine through district nursing in due course.

    When attending the practice.  Please take the following steps.

    Bring your completed letter to the clinic and arrive at the correct time.

    If your letter states a time range of say 9.00 – 9.30, it’s best to consider the time you arrive.  It will not help social distancing if this group of patients all arrived at say 9.00am

    If its raining you may need to bring a brolly as we can only let a certain number of patients into the building at any one time.  If there is a queue and you are in the car it maybe better to wait there until the queue subsides.

    Please ensure you and a carer wear a face covering.

    Where a short sleeved top under your coat to aid the vaccination.

    DO NOT attend if you have Covid 19 symptoms or if you have been in contact with someone with Covid 19 symptoms.  (A New or Continuous Cough, Fever, or a loss of or change in taste or smell.)

    Take guidance from the admin team who will be controlling the numbers and ensuring hand sanitizer is used.

    Entry is through the front of the building and exit to the rear as a one way system.  (Bar patients with mobility difficulties.)

    Were possible we would ask you to try not to touch anything in the premises. 

    Parking on Saturdays is for Blue Badge holders only.  

    Please be patient and we look forward to seeing you.

    Mr Mark Simpson

    Practice Manager

    Kerrsland Surgery






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