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  • Kerrsland Surgery Update – 04.08.2020

    Posted: 04.08.2020 | Author: Mr Mark Simpson

    Kerrsland Surgery Update – 04th August 2020

    We are writing to give an update on services available at Kerrsland Surgery.

    During this ongoing Pandemic we wish to thank all of our patients for your continued support and understanding during these unprecedented times which involves us all moving to a very new ‘normal’, which, is far removed from pre Covid 19 days.

    The practice is very much open and has continued to be open throughout this Pandemic.

    Covid 19 Centres

    Covid 19 centres remain open with a need for GPs from Kerrsland surgery to cover shifts. Although the demand has significantly reduced, they still remain a valuable hub for GPs to refer patients into for assessment if they have Covid 19 symptoms. This is very important resource in the event we see spikes of Covid 19 infection or increased viral illnesses in the winter months.


    Script collection is between 11.00 am and 12.00 noon and 3.30pm -4.30pm, Monday – Friday at the front right window. We would ask that when approaching the window, please respect the 2 metre rule and stand away from the window. Very few patients are now collecting scripts at the window as they are using pharmacies to collect them on their behalf. If you haven’t already done so, please nominate a pharmacy to collect the prescription on your behalf.

    GP Appointments

    During Covid 19 we have moved to a telephone consultation first model which enabled us to prioritise our workload. To date we continue to use this model and despite how much the open surgery was enjoyed, it is unlikely we will return to this system. The current model allows a patient to phone us up to 12.00 noon or when the GPs reach the maximum number of telephone calls per day. The GP calls the patient back to have a telephone consultation. At the GPs discretion they may decide a video call is necessary or invite the patient to the surgery for a face to face consultation. We have found many patients really are enjoying this service and our GPs have been busier than ever. Patients attending the surgery are asked to wear a mask or face covering to protect us and maintain strict social distancing when inside the building

    Nursing Appointments

    From the 17th August 2020, the reception team will be screening patients for booked treatment room appointments. These can only be booked 72 hours in advance. In the meantime, the nursing team will call you back to arrange a treatment room appointment. Any patient attending the surgery are asked to wear a mask or face covering to protect us and maintain strict social distancing when inside the building.

    Ear Syringing

    For the foreseeable future we will not be offering an ear wax removal service with immediate effect.

    We know what a valuable service this has been to our patients and the relief it can provide after the procedure. However, during this Pandemic we cancelled all our routine services including Ear Syringing and we know that many patients may have been waiting for the resumption of the service in the future. However, due to operational reasons we are unable to continue with this service in the community and we wanted to notify our patients as soon as possible.

    Childhood Immunisations

    We are continuing to offer Childhood immunisations on Thursday mornings. These are arranged in advance by Child Health. When attending it’s safer to have only one parent enter the building.

    Cervical Smears

    A catch up programme is currently running for Smears which were postponed or cancelled from March 2020. The Cervical Screening team in Belfast aim to start sending routine recalls from mid-August 2020. Please ring the practice to make an appointment with Lynn or Joy on receipt of one of the letters. Patients attending the surgery are asked to wear a mask or face covering to protect us and maintain strict social distancing when inside the building

    Respiratory or Diabetic Conditions

    For any COPD, Asthma or diabetes queries please ring us and speak to Sister Gardner.

    Travel / Private Occupation Services

    Please call the practice with your query on 02890657138, we are running a triage system at the moment and we will either be able to reserve an appointment for you or phone you back.


    Recently the trust prevented patients moving to different practices within the same boundary. However, if you have moved house and are relocating to a new practice area you have to register with a new GP, a practice cannot refuse your registration. It is a common sense approach to register at a practice which is closest to your house / home to facilitate GP house calls.

    Minor Surgery, 24 hour BPs and Implanon clinics all remain suspended for the time being.

    Mr Mark Simpson

    Practice Manager

    On Behalf of

    Kerrsland Surgery.

    Categories: Announcements